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For over a Decade, we have remained committed to financing and Economic Sustainablity through innovation and world class operation.

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You can reach our customer care agent Anytime any day through our various channels of commmunication. Online Chat platform, Telephone And by leaving us a Message.

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201 Awards winning Financial Institution

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Our Mission

Setting standards for sustainable business practices that unleash the talents of our employees, deliver superior value to our customers and provide innovative solutions for the markets and communities we serve.Read more

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We Have Range Of Products And Services Designed Around Your Different Banking Needs

Nothing is impossible. We can help you achieve your goals!

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Nothing is impossible. We can help you achieve your goals!

Online banking can save you a lot of time and effort, you can undertake most transactions from the comforts of your home. However, it is crucial to use internet banking safely

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Our Portfolio


CLIFF HILL BANK PLC Remains Outstanding In The Pursuit Of Excellence And Commitment To High-Quality Service, A Result Of Which Has Enhanced Our Performance In The Year Under Review.

Our History

Record Milestone Covered Yet

Keeping strong since 1990.


Company Started

CLIFF HILL BANK PLC as an entity began in Oct. 15 1990

Our first branch office was located in Los Angelos, we started as an investors Loan platform.

CLIFF HILL BANK PLC became a full fleshed commercial bank in 1996. after succesful registration. In 1999 CLIFF HILL BANK PLC has recorded over 15,000 Customers..

  • 12 Branches
  • 1 Country
  • Over 15,000 Customer
  • 1 Award
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Improved Services

Between 2000-2009, CLIFF HILL BANK PLC has recorded Over 2,000,000 Customers.

In the Year 2007 CLIFF HILL BANK PLC recorded the highest profit in commercial banking sector in the United States, with over $1,500,000,00 in investment profits in a single calender year.

CLIFF HILL BANK PLC within this period expanded Our coverage to other North-American Countries including Mexico, with over 150 branches

  • Advanced Technology
  • Over 2million Customer
  • Over $1.5Billion in investment profit
  • Over 150 more branches
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Delivering Results

Between 2010-2020, CLIFF HILL BANK PLC became a world brand in the banking industry

with over 1million branches world-wide and over 500million customers world-wide.

Award winning bank of the year in Four occations (2014, 2016, 2017, 2019). Highly Improved internet Banking technology.

  • Global Recognition
  • Improved Brand
  • Incresed Customer Base
  • Multiple Awards
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Open 3 New Branches

2020 has been Mared with global pandemic but that not withstanding CLIFF HILL BANK PLC Bank has recoreded 3 new branches before the lockdown.

Safer online banking to cushion the effects of the pandemic

Our customers are still very able to transact both locally and internationally because on the One currency platform.

  • More branches
  • Safer E-banking Platform
  • One Currency
  • Ongoing Improvments
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We Offer Products And Services For Your Personal And Professional Banking Needs.

Your Business Patner for Growth, Lets Help You #Take Tomorrow Enhance Profitability and efficiency with relationship management Tailored just for your Business Needs

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Bob Haris

Sales Executive

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Very satisfied!

Just wanted to share with you guys that I paid off one entire credit card and my outstanding tuition at school, thanks to the CLIFF HILL BANK PLC Goal Account! That's about $3000 I had no idea how to save before i came across CLIFF HILL BANK PLC.

Now I have three more credit cards to go and feel confident I will pay off soon enough now that I can visualize where my money is going. It's a tough road, but we'll get there together. Yay.

James Carrington

Very satisfied!

CLIFF HILL BANK PLC Savings has truly changed my life, made it so much easier to save, and has simplified and remedied almost all of my financial stresses.

Now the only thing I'm stressing about is how soon can I move everything to CLIFF HILL BANK PLC, to make it my main - and only - bank!

John Snyder

Very satisfied!

I certainly appreciate being able to contact someone about questions I may have and to actually get things figured out, rather than having to deal

with incompetent staff and long hold-times that are all too common.

Philip Walters

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CLIFF HILL BANK PLC has only one class of ordinary shares denominated in $50k. As of today, the company has 31,396,493,786 ordinary shares outstanding.

Our customer-care service agents are always online, reach us via our live chat platform.

Our Shares are Listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Listed Date July 2013

Global Coverage Reached, with branches in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and America.

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